There is just something about meeting new people that makes everything so bright. For some weird reason, its refreshing. It’s like a break from being surrounded by the same people you see everyday. You meet different personalities and attitudes, which give some hope to our pessimistic society. When you meet new people, you’re reminded that there is actually some great people out there and that the world offers so many opportunities. When you’re living with the same people everyday, you forget how to be adventurous or how to interact with adventurous people. When you don’t interact with others, you become comfortable in a little “bubble” that prevents you from reaching new goals. Meeting new people motivate you to become a stronger leader or a better student. Every time you meet a stranger, you realize that they can not judge you because they do not know your past. For a split moment you can decide whether or not who you really are. Now meeting the wrong people is a whole different story, but that’s not where I want to get into. I just really love cool people.

Feminism or gender equality?

So many people have misinterpreted the term feminism that they refuse to listen to anything involving women. Majority of people already support feminism but they don’t know even it. Everyone assumes feminism means women superiority, but they’re wrong, completely wrong. Feminism is the belief of social, political, and economic equality of both sexes. Nobody has a problem when it comes to supporting gender equality, but when they are introduced to topics over feminism they begin to scream. So many people refuse to get involved in topics about it because its too “controversial”. I’ve been asked why I care about feminism if I’m a guy. So many people don’t understand that feminism affect boys too. Men don’t seek help for their mental illnesses in fear of being valued less as a man. I can’t show my emotions because “only girls cry.” I’m too self conscious about using a pink calculator at school because I’m afraid people will say “pink is for girls.” When did people start associating gender with color? I need feminism because my role as a future parent will be undermined by a women’s. I need feminism because my friends can’t go to school in certain clothing because they’re “too distracting.” Anyone who considers themselves a supporter of gender equality but not feminism are just bathed in ignorance. Feminism? More like human rights.

Little Big Difference

Its always difficult finding motivation to workout, study, or even sleep. But when you find something that you truly enjoy, then everything just becomes easier. Take me for example, when I started yoga I would have never imagined I would be upside down or meditate without falling asleep. I learned a lot through my practice such as, knowing when too much is enough and how to balance several things at once. Most people will be frustrated when they start a new activity but the beauty is noticing your progress. From only 30 minutes of practice a day, I’m encouraged to sleep earlier, eat healthier, and be happier. If you’re pressured by your work, family or life, then I suggest you do something you love. Its what I like to call your happy place. By doing any activity, you will notice how nothing becomes easier, you just become better. You learn how there’s always room for change and improvement. It leads you to wanting to finish your homework faster so you can have more time to practice or wanting to help a child tie their shoe because you believe in good karma. I may be a little enthusiastic but you get my point. Starting a journey will lead you to notice your flaws or mistakes but it also leads you to accepting them and working hard to be better. Nothing in your life will be perfect but heck, you can always be close.

Liberal Arts Matter

While most people may think that becoming a lawyer, engineer, or a doctor is the only way to becoming successful, it is not true. The world is not just doctors and lawyers. It’s filled with people who tell stories and study the way things work. Anyone who tells a child that becoming a writer or a psychologist is a waste of time is destroying all potential creativity in our society. Teachers who promote this awful ideology are only contradicting the whole purpose of their profession. I thought teachers were supposed to encourage students to follow their dreams no matter what the odds are. I once had a teacher who said that said the only college degrees that lead to fortune are law, engineering, and accounting. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but how are students supposed to become motivated to follow their passion if they’re being told that their passion won’t lead to society’s standards for success. So many people have the audacity to say that studying sociology or literature is too easy, yet struggle to write a 3 page essay or read a book. If my interest in liberal arts isn’t going to be respected I would rather not attend my math or science class. I am sick of living in this era of technology where children are automatically considered “dumb” because they don’t have a calculator for a brain. But, if a child doesn’t understand the meaning of a poem, it only means the author’s intentions are ambiguous. The truth is people would rather have a safe job than work hard to do what they love.

Accidentally Vegan

We live in a society where people are so blinded with labels based on their nutritional needs that that they forget how to succeed. I’m constantly surrounded by people who believe that transitioning into a vegan or gluten free lifestyle is the only necessity to become fit. Everyday I see people at lunch eating food such as Oreos or Doritos, who are convinced that their diet is completely fine simply because their “vegan”, or accidentally vegan. For humans to judge others based on what they choose to eat is completely uncalled for but those who choose to judge yet be hypocritical about it are even worse. I will never be able to understand how vegetarians or vegans will constantly taunt someone for eating a hamburger yet decide to enjoy a bowl of gummy bears. I find situations like this completely ironic and hysterical at the same time. Unfortunately, so many people forget the few rules on how to be healthy, excluding eating gluten free products. For one to be healthy, one must exercise and live a emotional stable life. One must be motivated to eat the right amount of carbs or whatever in each food group. Reminder, I am no nutritionist or health teacher, I’m just a guy who knows a bit about common sense. Another problem I’m forced to suffer with is juicing. While juicing has been proven to benefit the weight and health of several, so many youngsters are being psychically drain because of this popular trend. People have a habit of excluding important fruits and vegetables which are needed to gain the right amount of proteins. Just because you decide to live your life based on carrot and apple juices does not make you any more better than someone who just finished ordering a strawberry smoothie from McDonalds. I’m not preventing you from juicing or staying 50 ft away from meat, I’m just saying that if you decide to feed yourself on a different diet from most, become educated. It is extremely easily to be malnourished by following a popular diet trend and not consuming the right stuff. I’m tired of people wanting to become better and only doing so by doing the worse.

Social Darwi-NOT

It has been played along through out the human culture to become better than everyone else. We’re so used to being told that we’re going to be somebody or we’re special. Children are told everyday that they’re unique and should thrive to be superior to everyone else. However, if you think about it, this concept of survival of the fitness leads to the tragic and violence of our world. How many times are wars going to break out before we, as a population begin to realize fighting is not the answer. Many people are going to say that social darwinism exists in the animal kingdom, therefore it’s okay for human to follow that too. Yes, animals do live in a world of survival of the fittest, but humans are more than that. There’s more to natural selection than just darwinism. Those who survive, adapt quickly and have the ability to pass their skills to their offsprings. What separate humans from animals is our culture. It’s our nature to care for others and accept anyone despite their differences; religion, sex, race. When we teach the youth to think their culture is superior to others, we’re teaching them to separate themselves from the rest of the society. What we should be doing is teaching children how to be successful and open minded while helping those along the way. Social darwinism is simply a great excuse to be cruel to each other.

Not so “bipolar”

The fact that mental illnesses are still not taken as seriously as they should be bother me. I’m tired of people romanticizing them as if having depression is cute. I’m especially tired of people using mental disorders as adjectives, such as saying “my mom is so bipolar” or “I’m so depressed right now”. Now, I understand that it may be difficult to not use these terms to describe your emotions but that is why I’m writing this. Mental illnesses are long states of psychological pain and destruction. Moods are only temporary, so the next time your girlfriend is being a bitch, don’t say she’s bipolar. How would you feel if people said “Ugh, I’m so asthma right now”? It doesn’t make sense right? Neither does saying you have ocd because you have a habit of cleaning your bed 3 times a day. People are constantly ending their lives due to this illness, so be aware of how serious this issue is. You never know who’s around you and what they suffer with; hearing ignorant comments like these is a constant trigger.Just as important, people have to stop calling other people anorexic for being skinny. Shaming someone for being skinny hurts just as much as making fun of someone who’s not. Everyday people struggle with the way they look and how people see them, even though the majority of the problem is with themselves. So if you make fun a friend who eats too much or too little, don’t be such a douche about it. Girls are more known to struggle with body image disorders, but thats only because they tend to seek help more. So guys who constantly have an urge to gain muscle, possibly have a serious mental issue as well, this goes to all you ignorant high school jocks. Point is, stop using terms you don’t understand and stop being a judge mental ass. As cheesy as it sounds, words do hurt and the worst part is we don’t always find out until its too late.

1 am

For many people, the hour after midnight is just another hour after midnight. However, I see it differently. 1 am is the perfect time to go asleep before its too late but late enough to say you did not get 8 hours of sleep before school started. Its the perfect time to finally reflect on all the suffering you went through during the day or all the amazing things you wish you could repeat. Its the perfect time to turn on your lamp because your eyes are getting too tired from squinting in the dark. Of course, its the worst time to walk into the kitchen because you don’t want to wake up your parents who haven’t had the best time at work. 1 am is the perfect time to want somebody. I’m not saying somebody as in someone to cuddle or make out, but someone who’s willing to go out to walgreens with you and buy some expired trail mix. Somebody who’s willing to help you on a school project or give you ideas on how to become a better person. The difference between 1 pm and 1 am represent the extraordorinary change of needs and wants. At 1 pm we just want something to help us get through the day but at 1 am we want someone to teach us how to live a better life. 1 am is when your blanket is wrapped around you and you’re and listening to some throwback tunes on your computer. It’s when you hear a pillow fall on the floor and start to panic. It’s when you want to message someone but forgot they’re getting their bed rest before their important debate speech. But there’s just something about being the only one awake at that time that makes everything so beautiful. Now, I’m probably going to regret posting this when I wake up.