Not so “bipolar”

The fact that mental illnesses are still not taken as seriously as they should be bother me. I’m tired of people romanticizing them as if having depression is cute. I’m especially tired of people using mental disorders as adjectives, such as saying “my mom is so bipolar” or “I’m so depressed right now”. Now, I understand that it may be difficult to not use these terms to describe your emotions but that is why I’m writing this. Mental illnesses are long states of psychological pain and destruction. Moods are only temporary, so the next time your girlfriend is being a bitch, don’t say she’s bipolar. How would you feel if people said “Ugh, I’m so asthma right now”? It doesn’t make sense right? Neither does saying you have ocd because you have a habit of cleaning your bed 3 times a day. People are constantly ending their lives due to this illness, so be aware of how serious this issue is. You never know who’s around you and what they suffer with; hearing ignorant comments like these is a constant trigger.Just as important, people have to stop calling other people anorexic for being skinny. Shaming someone for being skinny hurts just as much as making fun of someone who’s not. Everyday people struggle with the way they look and how people see them, even though the majority of the problem is with themselves. So if you make fun a friend who eats too much or too little, don’t be such a douche about it. Girls are more known to struggle with body image disorders, but thats only because they tend to seek help more. So guys who constantly have an urge to gain muscle, possibly have a serious mental issue as well, this goes to all you ignorant high school jocks. Point is, stop using terms you don’t understand and stop being a judge mental ass. As cheesy as it sounds, words do hurt and the worst part is we don’t always find out until its too late.


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