Social Darwi-NOT

It has been played along through out the human culture to become better than everyone else. We’re so used to being told that we’re going to be somebody or we’re special. Children are told everyday that they’re unique and should thrive to be superior to everyone else. However, if you think about it, this concept of survival of the fitness leads to the tragic and violence of our world. How many times are wars going to break out before we, as a population begin to realize fighting is not the answer. Many people are going to say that social darwinism exists in the animal kingdom, therefore it’s okay for human to follow that too. Yes, animals do live in a world of survival of the fittest, but humans are more than that. There’s more to natural selection than just darwinism. Those who survive, adapt quickly and have the ability to pass their skills to their offsprings. What separate humans from animals is our culture. It’s our nature to care for others and accept anyone despite their differences; religion, sex, race. When we teach the youth to think their culture is superior to others, we’re teaching them to separate themselves from the rest of the society. What we should be doing is teaching children how to be successful and open minded while helping those along the way. Social darwinism is simply a great excuse to be cruel to each other.


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