Accidentally Vegan

We live in a society where people are so blinded with labels based on their nutritional needs that that they forget how to succeed. I’m constantly surrounded by people who believe that transitioning into a vegan or gluten free lifestyle is the only necessity to become fit. Everyday I see people at lunch eating food such as Oreos or Doritos, who are convinced that their diet is completely fine simply because their “vegan”, or accidentally vegan. For humans to judge others based on what they choose to eat is completely uncalled for but those who choose to judge yet be hypocritical about it are even worse. I will never be able to understand how vegetarians or vegans will constantly taunt someone for eating a hamburger yet decide to enjoy a bowl of gummy bears. I find situations like this completely ironic and hysterical at the same time. Unfortunately, so many people forget the few rules on how to be healthy, excluding eating gluten free products. For one to be healthy, one must exercise and live a emotional stable life. One must be motivated to eat the right amount of carbs or whatever in each food group. Reminder, I am no nutritionist or health teacher, I’m just a guy who knows a bit about common sense. Another problem I’m forced to suffer with is juicing. While juicing has been proven to benefit the weight and health of several, so many youngsters are being psychically drain because of this popular trend. People have a habit of excluding important fruits and vegetables which are needed to gain the right amount of proteins. Just because you decide to live your life based on carrot and apple juices does not make you any more better than someone who just finished ordering a strawberry smoothie from McDonalds. I’m not preventing you from juicing or staying 50 ft away from meat, I’m just saying that if you decide to feed yourself on a different diet from most, become educated. It is extremely easily to be malnourished by following a popular diet trend and not consuming the right stuff. I’m tired of people wanting to become better and only doing so by doing the worse.


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