Little Big Difference

Its always difficult finding motivation to workout, study, or even sleep. But when you find something that you truly enjoy, then everything just becomes easier. Take me for example, when I started yoga I would have never imagined I would be upside down or meditate without falling asleep. I learned a lot through my practice such as, knowing when too much is enough and how to balance several things at once. Most people will be frustrated when they start a new activity but the beauty is noticing your progress. From only 30 minutes of practice a day, I’m encouraged to sleep earlier, eat healthier, and be happier. If you’re pressured by your work, family or life, then I suggest you do something you love. Its what I like to call your happy place. By doing any activity, you will notice how nothing becomes easier, you just become better. You learn how there’s always room for change and improvement. It leads you to wanting to finish your homework faster so you can have more time to practice or wanting to help a child tie their shoe because you believe in good karma. I may be a little enthusiastic but you get my point. Starting a journey will lead you to notice your flaws or mistakes but it also leads you to accepting them and working hard to be better. Nothing in your life will be perfect but heck, you can always be close.


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