Feminism or gender equality?

So many people have misinterpreted the term feminism that they refuse to listen to anything involving women. Majority of people already support feminism but they don’t know even it. Everyone assumes feminism means women superiority, but they’re wrong, completely wrong. Feminism is the belief of social, political, and economic equality of both sexes. Nobody has a problem when it comes to supporting gender equality, but when they are introduced to topics over feminism they begin to scream. So many people refuse to get involved in topics about it because its too “controversial”. I’ve been asked why I care about feminism if I’m a guy. So many people don’t understand that feminism affect boys too. Men don’t seek help for their mental illnesses in fear of being valued less as a man. I can’t show my emotions because “only girls cry.” I’m too self conscious about using a pink calculator at school because I’m afraid people will say “pink is for girls.” When did people start associating gender with color? I need feminism because my role as a future parent will be undermined by a women’s. I need feminism because my friends can’t go to school in certain clothing because they’re “too distracting.” Anyone who considers themselves a supporter of gender equality but not feminism are just bathed in ignorance. Feminism? More like human rights.


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