There is just something about meeting new people that makes everything so bright. For some weird reason, its refreshing. It’s like a break from being surrounded by the same people you see everyday. You meet different personalities and attitudes, which give some hope to our pessimistic society. When you meet new people, you’re reminded that there is actually some great people out there and that the world offers so many opportunities. When you’re living with the same people everyday, you forget how to be adventurous or how to interact with adventurous people. When you don’t interact with others, you become comfortable in a little “bubble” that prevents you from reaching new goals. Meeting new people motivate you to become a stronger leader or a better student. Every time you meet a stranger, you realize that they can not judge you because they do not know your past. For a split moment you can decide whether or not who you really are. Now meeting the wrong people is a whole different story, but that’s not where I want to get into. I just really love cool people.


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