1 am

For many people, the hour after midnight is just another hour after midnight. However, I see it differently. 1 am is the perfect time to go asleep before its too late but late enough to say you did not get 8 hours of sleep before school started. Its the perfect time to finally reflect on all the suffering you went through during the day or all the amazing things you wish you could repeat. Its the perfect time to turn on your lamp because your eyes are getting too tired from squinting in the dark. Of course, its the worst time to walk into the kitchen because you don’t want to wake up your parents who haven’t had the best time at work. 1 am is the perfect time to want somebody. I’m not saying somebody as in someone to cuddle or make out, but someone who’s willing to go out to walgreens with you and buy some¬†expired trail mix. Somebody who’s willing to help you on a school project or give you ideas on how to become a better person. The difference between 1 pm and 1 am represent the extraordorinary change of needs and wants. At 1 pm we just want something to help us get through the day but at 1 am we want someone to teach us how to live a better life. 1 am is when your blanket is wrapped around you and you’re and listening to some throwback tunes on your computer. It’s when you hear a pillow fall on the floor and start to panic. It’s when you want to message someone but forgot they’re getting their bed rest before their important debate speech. But there’s just something about being the only one awake at that time that makes everything so beautiful. Now, I’m probably going to regret posting this when I wake up.