Liberal Arts Matter

While most people may think that becoming a lawyer, engineer, or a doctor is the only way to becoming successful, it is not true. The world is not just doctors and lawyers. It’s filled with people who tell stories and study the way things work. Anyone who tells a child that becoming a writer or a psychologist is a waste of time is destroying all potential creativity in our society. Teachers who promote this awful ideology are only contradicting the whole purpose of their profession. I thought teachers were supposed to encourage students to follow their dreams no matter what the odds are. I once had a teacher who said that said the only college degrees that lead to fortune are law, engineering, and accounting. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but how are students supposed to become motivated to follow their passion if they’re being told that their passion won’t lead to society’s standards for success. So many people have the audacity to say that studying sociology or literature is too easy, yet struggle to write a 3 page essay or read a book. If my interest in liberal arts isn’t going to be respected I would rather not attend my math or science class. I am sick of living in this era of technology where children are automatically considered “dumb” because they don’t have a calculator for a brain. But, if a child doesn’t understand the meaning of a poem, it only means the author’s intentions are ambiguous. The truth is people would rather have a safe job than work hard to do what they love.


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